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What is Compounding?

Commercially produced medications are often designed for humans at strengths too high for the majority of pets. Tablets and capsules are often too large. Fruity flavorings, while well suited to the majority of exotics, are poorly accepted by many dogs and cats. Owners often have difficulties administering medicine to their pets… Meds for Vets creates custom dosed and custom flavored medications for animals. We’ll help you give your animal the medication they need to return to full health.

Who Are We?

Meds for Vets is Located in Sandy, Utah and has been compounding medications for Veterinarians since 2000! Our mission is to help and save as many animals as we possibly can.

Why Meds for Vets?

Fast Turnaround

We understand that when an animal is sick, they need help fast! Our team processes orders & compounds medications as quickly as possible.

Superior Customer Service

Our customer service team is friendly & has been trained to make your life easier. If you need extra help, we’re here waiting. Contact us anytime!


Affordable Quality

We only use the safest ingredients to protect your animal… We keep our prices as low as possible. Animal care should be affordable.

Exactly the Right Dose, No Matter the Animal

At Meds for Vets, we are able to provide the dosage form best suited to your patient at exactly the right dosage using customized capsules. Whether your patient is as small as a mouse, or as large as an elephant… we can help!

Because we compound for the veterinary field exclusively, we use the smallest capsule size possible for each dose. While most pharmacies compound primarily with size 1 capsules, too large for all but the largest dog, we compound primarily with size 3 and 4 capsules, suitable for even the smallest dogs, cats, and kittens.



We Serve the Equestrian Community…

We love helping horse owners! Part of raising and training horses is making sure your animal is as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, even horses get sick or injured. When the time comes to bring your horses back to full health, think of Meds for Vets to do the job.

We can compound medications for even the pickiest of horses. We can customize dosage types, use a variety of flavors or stick with injections… whatever is best for the horse.

Next time you need medication for your horse, just give us a call…

Meds for Vets Gives Back…

Did you know every time you purchase from Meds for Vets™ a portion of all proceeds goes directly to support animal-related causes world wide? At the bottom of the page is a partial list of the organizations we support that everyone of your purchases makes possible. Go ahead … pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!

How to Place an Order

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Toll-Free: (833) 633-4838
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About Us

Meds for Vets Compounding Pharmacy was Established in 2000, we’ve been compounding and serving animals for over 20 years.

Meds for Vets - Compounding Pharmacy - 20 Years of Excellence