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Solving your most difficult medication challenges.

While many veterinary patients are amenable to the limited array of commercially available dosage forms, many are not. Commercially produced products are often designed for humans at strengths too high for the majority of veterinary patients. Tablets and capsules are often too large. Fruity flavorings, while well suited to the majority of exotics, are poorly accepted by many dogs and cats. Owners often have difficulties administering even the simplest of dosage forms. Add to this the unwillingness of patients to tolerate any medication knowingly, and even the most effective medication may become a clinical failure rather quickly.

Compounding rare medications, small dosages, custom flavors, capsules, gels, injections, drops, ointments and more!

At Meds for Vets, we are able to provide the dosage form best suited to your patient at exactly the right dosage using customized capsules.

Many patients can be dosed effectively with capsules. Because we compound for the veterinary field exclusively, we use the smallest capsule size possible for each dose. While most pharmacies compound primarily with size 1 capsules, too large for all but the largest dog, we compound primarily with size 3 and 4 capsules, suitable for even the smallest dogs, cats, and kittens.

Even small capsules may be too difficult to dose for some patients. Specialized flavorings are often the answer.

We produce these in suspensions, chew-able treats, feed additives and oral pastes. Our triple-fish suspension for cats begins with a puree of salmon, sardines, and tuna designed to hide even the most persistent medication tastes.  Chew-able treats and flavored feed additives afford the benefits of customized flavoring with pre-measured dosing. Flavored oral pastes offer a convenient equine dosage both at home and at the track. These and other dosage forms can be designed to meet specialized needs such as sodium restrictions, sugar-free and xylitol-free preparations and other upon request.

With our transdermal gels, even the most difficult of patients sometimes need to be medicated without even knowing it!

A mixture of both fat-soluble and water-soluble compounds, transdermal gels are suitable for almost any medication. All but very large molecules, e.g. insulin, can be effectively administered through this dosage form. Because transdermal gels can also be absorbed through the skin of the owner, we provide specialized instructions as well as finger cots for both safe and effective administration of these products.

When a sterile product is required, look to Meds for Vets for quality injectables and ophthalmics.

Whether you’re looking for sterile eye drops or ointments, a small animal or equine injectable, you will be pleased with the selection and quality we are able to offer. Our products are rigorously tested for potency and sterility from both bacteria and fungi to ensure your complete satisfaction.

It all adds up to convenience…Happy Pets. Happy Owners. Happy Vets. Count on us to “Simpli-fy” your life!

Looking for even more dosing choices? Simplify your life with our Simpli-Choices™ to ensure that you’ll find just the right dosage form for you.

Looking for an economical, tasty chew-able tablet? Try our Simpli-Chew™ Chew-able Tablets

Our Simpli-Chew™ chicken-flavored chew-able tablets are quarter-scored for the ultimate in dosing flexibility. Count on Simpli-Chew™ tablets to weigh in as a hit for all of your patients, from two pounds to two-hundred!

Are you wanting an even smaller option? Try the Simpli-Small™ Tablets.

At only 1/4 of an inch in diameter, it’s “Now you see it, now you don’t” with our Simpli-Small™ tablets. Smaller than a breath mint, they are easy to conceal and can even be placed at the back of the tongue, avoiding the taste buds all together! For an easy to give affordable option, count on Simpli-Small™ tablets.

Our Simpli-Clear EKT™ Ear Gel is a single dose that treats long-standing ear infection for only pennies per ear!

A powerful combination of an antibiotic, anti-fungal and steroid, Simpli-Clear EKT™ has been proven effective against even challenging Pseudomonas infections. It’s safe, effective, and best of all, usually only takes one treatment administered by YOU! (No client dosing required.)

Want to be sure that you will be able to use your compounded products before the expiration date? Check out our Simpli-New™ Program!

Rest assured with our Simpli-New™ product guarantee. Just return any unopened package to us and we will ship you out a fresh replacement at NO COST! It’s just that easy!

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