Meet the Team


Alice RPH
Being a Pharmacist I do everything here.
When not working I have many hobbies but mostly I oil paint, love all sports especially skiing, golf, and college sports.
Currently we have 2 dogs: A 7-year-old Dutch Shepherd, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, a 3-year-old Calico cat (who runs the house), and 10 years of fish tanks.
I work with a bunch of amazing team leads to provide the most innovative compounding products and services possible.
I enjoy hiking, working out, snuggling with lots of furry friends and humanitarian efforts abroad.
While I have had been blessed with many furry, scaled and/or shelled children over the years, currently I am blessed with grand-dogs and cats.
Dima RPH
I check the scripts coming in and leaving the Pharmacy, and answer phone calls sometimes.
I enjoy biking, hiking, dancing, and cooking.
I would love to have an animal at home but don’t yet.
I check scripts and verify the information is correct. I check that the medication is made correct before it is sent out.
I like to do a little bit of everything including; gardening, fishing. reading, and a little politicking. I love University of Utah Football.
Peter RPH
Head Pharmacist
As the Head Pharmacist I verify all scripts and compounds that we make are accurate and are of high quality and the correct dose so that our clients can feel comfortable giving their pets our products.
I enjoy riding my motorcycle, hiking, snowboarding and playing with my 3 kids.
We don’t have any animals currently because I still need to potty train my youngest child.


Adam CPhT
I have been a pharmacy tech for almost 12 years. I work in the office helping owners and clinics get what they need.
I enjoy reading fantasy/sci-fi/adventure books. Spending time with my wife.
I have no pets now, maybe in the future.
Ashley CPhT
I am a pharmacy tech who works in the office. I assist Clinics, providers, and owners with their prescription needs. I enjoy wake boarding, playing pickle-ball, and spending time with my family and friends. My family has a 13 year old Vizsla named Roxy.
Delivery Driver
I package and Deliver Medications going to the Local Clinics.
I enjoy playing games of all kinds.
I receive and ship packages for Awesome Customers.
I enjoy Drawing, Cooking. And having an Amazing, Wonderful, Lovely, Fantastic, Awesome, Joyful, Exuberant time with Family!
Although I have no pets of my own my Family has Wonderful Pets.
I take care of all accounting procedures.
I enjoy square dancing, bicycle riding, walking, and fishing.
I have an adorable 8 lb. Morkie named Lucy. She is 7 years old and still acts like a puppy.
Jessica CPhT
Tech Desk
I quality check the orders before they are sent to the back for compounding.
I love spending time with my husband and two kids. I love watching my son play sports and my daughter dance and cheer.
Kari CPhT
Script Processer
I work in the office getting all the orders processed and on to the tech desk so that we can get your orders compounded and out to you in a timely matter.
I like to be home with my two cats to spoil them more than they are already. I also enjoy watching T.V and crocheting or knitting whatever I’m working on currently. I always have something on a needle or hook.
Lourdes CPhT
Office Team Lead
I work in the office department as a team lead: answering calls, helping process priority orders, training new Technicians as they come in and if needed, I help with any issues.
I love to go with my two boys hiking up in the Salt Lake mountains and go swimming. I enjoy anything to do with nature.
I have two dogs, my sweet, mellow Zelda & my wild puppy Moonlight, I also have a leopard gecko, T-Rex, and packman frogs.
Business Operations Masnager
I assist in developing business operations so that customers receive the best product at the best price with the best customer service.
I enjoy reading, traveling, watching my daughters play sports, and trying new restaurants.
I have a 2 year old St. Bernewfie named Harry.
Misty CPhT
Co-Manager in the Office
I Co-Manage the team that intakes and processes all prescription orders.
I love everything Ellen, Marry Poppins, Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, making sweets, spending time with my family and doing girls nights out.
I have no pets, but I do have 5 kids (6 if you include my husband) and I LOVE Bunny Rabbits, they are the best animal in the world!
Morgan CPhT
Co-Manager in the Office
I Co-Manage the team that intakes and processes all prescription orders.
I love to boat, shop, and go to movies. I am a lover of all things Halloween. I love to spend time with my family especially my nieces and nephew.
I have an 8-year-old Boston Terrier named Ellie.
Front Desk Receptionist
I greet clients and assist them with picking up and dropping off their prescriptions. I also assist with many special projects.
My favorite quiet time is spent with my family hiking, kayaking, and traveling. I also enjoy spending a quiet evening snuggling with my furry pets.
I drive around to the clinics in Utah to make sure that they are getting what they need. I attend most of the Conferences to help any clinics that I can. I am very much a people person and I love helping others.
I enjoy spending time with my family.
Customer Service Representative
I answer phones, take refill orders, and work on various special projects.
I am a transplant from Louisiana, I’m just a plain and simple country girl. I enjoy hunting, fishing, bon fires, spending time with family and friends. I love college football. “ROLL TIDE”
Tami CPhT
Team Lead in the Office / Website Team
I work in the Office answering your questions and getting your orders taken. I am also working on the website trying to help make this a better experience for you.
I love to read mystery novels, play games (board and computer), spending time with my family and of course with my adorable 1-year old dachshund Yanna.
HR Manager and Assistant Accountant
I enjoy traveling and spending time with my grandkids.
I have a cat named Lucifer and a dog.
Tyler CPhT
I work in the office processing bill and ships, accept calls and help customers.
I enjoy computer programming and playing the piano.


Amanda CPhT
Compounding Operations Manager
I manage the compounding department. I help formulate drugs, order chemicals and supplies. I do a lot of the behind the scenes work.
I enjoy going to movies, plays, baking & cooking, spending time with my son, going to museums, traveling, and helping others.
Amy CPhT
Sterile Department
I work in the sterile department. I love hiking, paddle boarding, swimming; basically everything outdoors. I also love anything creative – art, music production, painting, etc…
I have 2 dogs, Harlee is a 6 year old morkie, and Jeter is a 12 year old white lab.
Austin CPhT
Suspensions Department Lead
I work compounding suspensions, topical creams and ointments, and chew treats.
I eat, sleep, and breathe basketball, I also enjoy video games.
Brett CPhT
Capsules Department
I supervise the team that makes all capsules, powders, Simpli-smalls, and Simpli-chews.
I love traveling whenever and wherever I can.
David CPhT
Suspensions Department
I make suspensions, transdermals, and chew treats. I enjoy basketball, hiking, and traveling.
Eugenia CPhT
Sterile Department
I work with a great team in the sterile department.
I love cooking, shopping, and sleeping.
Gabriella CPhT
Sterile Department
I supervise the team compounding the items that need to be sterile. Like the eye medications and injections.
I enjoy hiking, camping, basically anything that can be done outdoors.
Ganesh CPhT
Sterile Department
I do the compounding of the sterile medications (USP 800). I enjoy doing research, swimming, and traveling.
Isaac CPhT
Sterile Department Lead
I work with a great team making sterile compounds.
I enjoy playing video games and going to the gym.
I have a teacup poodle named Krispy.
Jeremiah CPhT
Capsules Department
Justin CPhT
Capsules Department Lead
I work making capsules.
I enjoy hunting, shooting, watching movies, camping, spending time with my family and church.
I have 3 cats and 1 dog.
Lisa CPhT
Capsules Department
I work compounding capsules. I enjoy hiking, reading, and coloring.
Mendel CPhT
Capsules Department
Molly CPhT
Suspension Department
I work within the suspension team making suspensions, transdermals, & chew treats. I love doing anything crafty – sewing, painting, DIY projects, etc. I love anything & everything Disney and always love taking trips to Disneyland. I have a Pug/Poodle mix named Seymor & a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mix named Penny.