Q: What happens after I place a new prescription online?
A: After a new order is received, a customer service representative, or Technician will contact you shortly to verify the order with the Pharmacist. After the order is verified, it will be entered in for processing.

Q: How are refrigerated medications shipped?
A: Medications that require refrigeration are sent by 2 day UPS shipping. Ice packs are wrapped with medications to keep cool during transportation. Even if the medication no longer feels cold on arrival, the integrity and stability of the drug is not compromised. The ice packs are only designed to minimize the duration of warm temperatures during transportation. 
NOTE: Medications that require to be refrigerated will not be shipped Thursday-Saturday. To have the best chance at receiving your cold medications in the same week, we advise to place your order as early as you can on Monday. 

Q: Why does it take so long for the page to load on medications?
A: There are over 15,000 different compound variations loaded in our system. The system does take up to 30 seconds to load a compound due to this. We are working on improving the experience everyday and decreasing the wait time.

Q: I used my credit card to purchase. Does the transaction get approved right away?
A: No. We understand that ordering medications is not a simple task at times. For this reason, every credit card transaction is placed on hold for final review after the order has been processed. It is only then do we authorize the finalization of the credit card. 

Q: It keeps saying my credit card is declined due to an AVS mismatch. What does that mean?
A: It happens when your billing address does not match your credit card billing. Please ensure that you update your account with the right billing address to avoid this issue.

Q: I picked the wrong shipping on my new prescription order. How can I change it?
A: No need to worry. Since all orders need to be verified, you can simply explain the change when the Customer Service Representative, or Technician calls you.

Q: How can I keep track of my order to know when it goes out?
A: You will receive an email that your order is complete, this means that it is now on it’s way to you or if it’s a Bill and Ship it is on the way to the owner. 

Q:What do I do if my product is damaged or compromised during shipping?
A: Please call a customer service representative, or Technician at 833-633-4838 so that we can start an incident report to determine the cause of the issue. This must be done as soon as the item is received. Please send pictures with the damage to the email of the person with whom you spoke.

Q: Why do I need to fill out a clinic validation form?
A: Verification of a clinic’s ability to prescribe medication is needed in order to accept an order on a new prescription. 

Q: I don’t see the medication and strength I need in your store. How do I order a particular medication I know you have that is not online?
A: We are constantly uploading new medications and compounds daily. The ones currently in the system are those that are most frequently ordered. However, if you do not see one that you know you order on a consistent basis, you can do two things. Please call in and place the order.  You can request at that time to have that medication added to the website or you can email the request to info@medsforvets.com ATTN: Website Team.