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**Important Notices**

We have the most common drugs in the most common strengths and forms (excluding controlled and Gabapentin) shown on the website, for any others please call (833-633-4838) or fax (866-725-8805) using the fax order form. 

If you find you are having specific issues with the website please send an email to ATTN: Website Team

If the medication doesn’t pull up under the brand name try looking under the generic. 

There is a glitch with the Order Again Button, we would prefer that you fill out the refill request instead. 

When placing a Bill and Ship order please only enter the Owner Information in the appropriate place. We must keep the clinic information in the billing and shipping area on the last page so as not to link the owner to your clinic account.

When going through the medications if you can’t find what you are looking for please call and place your order with a friendly technician. 833-633-4838. 

Thanks, – The Website Team.
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