When you call during business hours, you can be helped by a live friendly person.

9550 S State Street
Sandy, UT 84070

Toll-Free: (833) MED-4VET (833-633-4838)
Local: (801) 255-7666
24 Hour Fax: (801) 255-7690

Account Managers

Michelle Eaby:              801-727-6160
Alex Pham:                   801-727-6163
Chadwick Smith:          801-727-6165
Joshua Norris:              801-727-6164


  • Diane Monahan says:

    I cannot get through on your toll free number. I am only allowed to leave a message on your regular number. I cannot leave a message b/c you cannot use only the last four digits of my credit card if you do not have my card on file. I was unable to pull up the refill page online yesterday b/c it said it was broken or removed.

    This is extremely poor service.

    Are you still in business? My dog needs his meds. Should I have my Vet give me another compounding facility to fill the Rx?

    • Joshua Norris says:

      I apologize for the stress this has caused you. We are undergoing a new website transformation. Have you registered as an owner? If not, you can do that and it will automatically approve you and allow you to fill a refill.

    • BanditN says:

      I am experiencing the same problem. I have a renewal script to fill for my pet and I am unable to connect to a person by phone or order online. You all make it very difficult to fill prescriptions for our pets.

      • Joshua Norris says:

        I am sorry that you are experiencing issues. I tried calling but ended up leaving you a message. I show that you have the ability to complete a refill request online. You do not need to leave a cc number if you have never placed an order before. It is only there for those that have ordered before and are using the same cc. Please call me back so I can help you through this.

  • Lawrence Giebel says:

    I am registered (clinic- Quince Orchard Vet. Hosp.) and signed in (Lawrence Giebel) but the website is not allowing me to leave the My Account page. Every link I click to shop or place an order I am taken back to the My Account Dashboard. I realize you are still working on the website and working out kinks, I am just writing to let you know what I am experiencing. I will fax in our order as usual and check back when we are in need of something else.


    • Joshua Norris says:

      I apologize for the inconvenience. I needed to approve you as a clinic before you could gain access. You now have access. I apologize for this stress. The old website was very difficult and was not streamlined for your practices. Hopefully, it is now. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or issues. Thank you.

      Joshua Norris
      Account Manager

  • Robert Hendrix says:

    Your toll free number on website is incorrect. When you do call, you have to leave a message. It took two calls to have mine returned, only to find out my order, placed several days ago, before website work, is delayed due to backorder. I shouldn’t have had to call to find this out. My dog is without meds now. Not very professional.

    • Joshua Norris says:

      I apologize for the delay. We are committed to providing the best customer service and we value our customers time and patience. I will be sending you a private message to discuss what we can do for you and your pet. Please respond with your contact details so that I can speak with you.

  • Ellen says:

    I am trying to finish client validation form and it won’t let me do signature.

    • Joshua Norris says:

      It tends to be easier on a tablet, but you can do it with a mouse if you hold down the left click button.

  • Jason says:

    Your phone numbers are not working. Are you still in business? My dog needs his medicine. This is the second epic fail.

    • Joshua Norris says:

      I apologize for this inconvenience. The phones may be busy. Are you looking to just complete a refill? If so, that can be done online.

  • mcewanbr says:

    I’ve tried calling and can’t get anyone to answer. I left a message with the same phone number I have on file with you and you returned the phone call to the number on your caller ID, which was different. I registered on the site a couple of days ago and I still cannot order a refill. Even if I could, you don’t have the right credit card on file. Now it’s the weekend and according to google (since your hours aren’t on your website), you’re closed.

    How in the world am I going to get my Rx for my dog?

    • Joshua Norris says:

      There seems to be confusion. Please allow me to help. You do have access to the refill page. Please place your refill. No need to fill out last 4 of credit card. When the office processes your refill, they will see you have not confirmed your cc and call to arrange payment.

  • QCGA says:

    I just registered (I think!)
    as Username QCGA.
    I would like to register our Tax ID number to supply you with the not-for-profit rescue group/501c3 information.
    I don’t see where I can do this on your website. Will someone be calling me about this?

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